Short Opera Mini for iPhone Gallery

Opera Mini for the iPhone (also iPod touch and iPad) has already replaced Safari’s resting throne on my iPod touch shortly after it became available via the App Store early this morning.

Opera Mini's new home.

I was a little disappointed with Opera Link since it never actually synchronized my Bookmarks and my Speed Dial on Opera Mini isn’t configurable up to 12 (or even more or less than 9 for that matter). Aside from these relatively small problems, I’ve been very pleased with Opera Mini!

Probably the most important advantage for me in Opera Mini is the lightening fast back button (like in the Desktop browser). Pressing back in Safari forces a page reload which consumes a great deal of time if you use your mobile device for browsing a lot!

One thing I’m unclear on (and haven’t taken the time yet yo clarify) is the difference between a Bookmarked page and a Saved Page in Opera Mini. Saved Pages seem to load faster, which leads me to believe they may be stored locally for offline viewing, but I’m not completely sure just yet.

After installing Opera Mini, I took a few screenshots and thought I might share some of them below just to give some more exposure. Overall I’ve been rather impressed. Nice work and congratulations to the Opera Teams responsible!

Initial Welcome Page
Initial Welcome Page Scrolled Middle
Initial Welcome Page Scrolled End
Successfully Connected to Opera Link
View of My Blog:
My Opera Mini Speed Dial (only first 9 speed dial items though..of 12). Also, 99 open tabs. 😉
Fun testing tab limits (99 vertically).
Fun testing tab limits (99 horizontally).
Fun testing tab limits (100 tabs...blank).
Fun testing tab limits (100 vertically).
Fun testing tab limits (100 horizontally).
Configuration options with Saved Pages and Find in Page!

Opera Mini Usage Report: First Quarter, 2008

(I originally posted this for the Opera Watch site, but since I wrote it I might as well post it here as well.)

Opera Mini’s usage statistics for the First Quarter of 2008 are in and they look promising!

Opera’s first “State of the Mobile Web” report is broken down into several sections, one of which covers “Top Trends”. According to the report, social networking sites claim nearly 40% of all traffic worldwide!

In some countries, such as the United States, South Africa and Indonesia, the social Web accounts for more than 60% of the traffic.

Since the birth of Opera Mini in 2005 and the public release in January of 2006, Opera Mini’s user base has grown to over 44 million users worldwide and continues to grow strong. This incredible growth means that the number of Opera Mini users have increased 26% since the last quarter in 2007!

Opera Mini cumulative users per month
Opera Mini cumulative users per month

With over 2.4 billion page views in March alone, Opera Mini users consumed more than 33 million MB of data! That’s a 57% increase in page views and almost an 88% increase in data transferred when compared to the last quarter of 2007!

Pages transcoded by Opera Mini per month Total data consumed per month (in MB)

Pages transcoded by Opera Mini per month (left) and total data consumed per month in MB (right).

Content Preferences

By examining aggregate numbers, we are able to paint a picture of the types of sites and services that win on the mobile Web. Tracking the type of content across the top 100 sites visited by all Opera Mini users, we find:

  • Social networking is popular worldwide and is the leading source of Web traffic for mobile devices.
  • Successful sites on the Web find users on mobile phones, further underscoring the emergence of One Web.
  • Consumers desire a rich Web experience regardless of the device they use to access the Web. WAP continues to diminish as more-capable Web browsers are able to display full Web content on mobile phones.
  • Nearly a quarter of all traffic is headed to content portals or search engines.

For a complete break down of the top 10 countries and top 10 most visited sites per country, navigate over to the State of the Mobile Web: First Quarter, 2008 report!

Top 10 sites in the U.S.


Countries achieving the top 10 list include: Russia, Indonesia, China, United States, India, South Africa, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Germany and Poland.

Opera Mini beta 4

Opera has released beta 4 of Opera Mini! Download Opera Mini now!

If you don’t have a mobile phone to test Opera Mini with, you can test it online with a demo here.

Opera also updated their home page to reflect Opera Mini:

..but they also have another design on their home page. You get one or the other and they alternate each time you load the page..