11 Orgoo Invites left if anyone wants one!

I’ve still got 11 invites left for the new email service called Orgoo that integrates all of your favorite instant messaging services into the same window!

It’s a very cool new email service mainly aimed towards the younger generation, but everyone would love the integrated instant message features that Orgoo offers. It’s currently invite only, but I have 11 left to give out! If you’re interested in trying Orgoo and want an invite then all you need to do is email me with an invite request.

You can find my contact information on the About page (link located at the top). Please make sure that the subject contains [Orgoo Invite], otherwise it will most likely go straight to spam. 😉

Make sure that you mention in the comments that you sent a request as well and I’ll make sure to check my mail and send you an invite immediately. Check it out while the invites last! Else you’ll most likely be waiting for a while. If you request an invite from the main page then chances are it will take you a while to receive it, so you should take advantage of my offering. 😉