Summertime vacation at the beach..

Well, I’ve taken a few days to just relax at the beach. I’m currently in Wilmington just relaxing and about to go out to the hotel pool for a few hours. Just thought I would write something short and quick to keep my readers updated.

Hopefully I can go surfing soon and take some good pictures…maybe as good as the ones where *someone* went sand boarding and fell down the entire hill, haha. That will be me on a surf board for sure. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying themselves!

Talk to you all later.

Welcome back into the wild

Well, I just got back home from a great party with some of my home-boy friends. They had a good throw down up in Boone, NC with a bunch of people I hadn’t met before.

I randomly ran into Brandon and Scuff at Ingles in Boone! How weird is that!? I mean, Brandon’s always in Boone, but the fact that I just randomly went to Boone and saw him there..that’s funny!

Adam stayed at the party since it was pretty much for him, but Will went with me to grab some more party “materials”. 😉 You know…cup-cakes, sodas, candles, balloons…lol, just kidding. The “other” party items. 😛

It was really interesting to hangout with them again! It brought back some memories from childhood..which is always cool.

I mean, once you go off to college, you lose touch with your best friends from home and make new friends. I can’t say that I like either group of my friends more than the other, because that would be a lie..but wow..isn’t it great to catch-up with old friends again!

We just played some pong, a little sequence (the board game..only modified for the party mood), talked on a balcony, walked up a deserted road and downed a few bottles and basically just had an all around great time!

It’s sad that when you move off to college you have to leave them behind and start all over, but at least I know now that good friends are friends for life. We just connected again almost like we hadn’t been a day apart!

Sometimes you hangout with friends again and have nothing to do or talk about, but wow…that was probably the best time I’ve had with them yet.

It was great to catch-up with Will and talk to him about what’s going on in his world and what’s going on in my world. You know, just the basic definition of catching up.

When I first called up Will last night, he was like “Kyle??….Kyle Baker??? Holy crap man! I can’t believe it’s you! What the heck are you getting into tonight!?” Straight from long time no see to what’s taking you so long to join us and party?!

It was like a re-bonding experience. Fantastic!

Then later, Adam and I sat up until like 5:30 am playing Halo 3 on his xBox 360. I pretty much got pwn’d every round, but it was cool.

We sat up talking about all kinds of cool stuff. He told me about how a long time ago when we were kids he came over to my house and we sat down at my families piano and I showed him how to play this piano part while I played to other half of it.

It was just cool to listen to him tell me about a memory like that. Honestly, I didn’t recall any of it..but it made me feel awesome to know that I made a cool memory with one of my friends so very long ago..even if I didn’t remember it.

I feel like I remember so many little things that I did with my friends that they probably don’t remember and those little things were the best times of my childhood.

Anyhoo, I’ve got to get some sleep now. More partying and socializing is in the works for later this evening!

I hope everyone is having a blast as well. You only get one summer per year. 😉 Use it wisely. 😛

Power Hour!

Here is a new app that I’ve been coding in Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition. Pretty much just a party app that DJ’s for you. Check it out and enjoy.

-Download this from the Official Power Hour Download page.

System Requirements:

  • -Windows XP/Vista
  • -.NET Framework 3
  • -1 MB of free space

Known Issues:

  • -Slow adding very large playlists
  • -Slow searching through very large playlists
  • -WMP Plug-in does not play some songs until the play button is pressed
  • Please report any other bugs/problems in the comments section. Feature requests are welcome!