Digsby Performance Update

Digsby released a much intended performance update to the now very popular instant messaging client today.

Overall performance of the instant messenger has dramatically improved cutting CPU and Ram usage down up to by up to 75%!

There have been a number of stability fixes and general messenger improvements as well.

Major changes in this release include:

  • RAM Usage: We optimized from the ground up and fixed memory leaks to lower RAM usage by almost 75%. This has been the number one complaint since our launch and we are proud to introduce this massive improvement.
  • Performance: User interface elements draw twice as fast for better performance. We have made changes to the architecture that will improve GUI responsiveness and CPU utilization across the board.
  • Connectivity: Every IM protocol automatically tries multiple connection methods and ports to improve the odds of getting through restrictive firewalls and proxy servers.
  • LinkedIn: Digsby now supports LinkedIn in addition to the other social networks. Functionality includes a full newsfeed, alerts when new messages arrive, and the ability to set status right from Digsby.
  • Bug Fixes: We have fixed hundreds of bugs, making Digsby more stable than ever. There have been almost 3,000 revisions in our codebase since the last release so there are too many fixes to list in our changelog.

If you haven’t noticed the update yet and would like to update Digsby now then the easiest way is to close Digsby and reopen it. Upon reopening, Digsby will search for updates and apply them automatically. 😀

If you noticed major improvements and didn’t know why, then now you know! 😉


Apparently the update is only automatically pushed to people using the test builds. All others will need to manually download and install the update. Thanks Jeffrey for clarifying that in the comments.

Just to clarify: digsby will automatically update for those users who were on the test builds. Everyone else must actually download and reinstall to get the latest version. The easiest way to find out is by checking your Digsby version by going to “About -> Digsby”. If the build is 15142 or lower then you must download and reinstall manually.

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