Guy night out

Well, today I get to drive down to Raleigh and have a “Guy night out”. Haha, I’ll be alone so that’s why it’s funny, but it should be a fun night away from home and hanging out all night doing whatever I want to do.

Hopefully I can fit a beach trip in soon, but until then I’ll take advantage of my time away from home and chilling in Raleigh! Actually I’ll be staying in Cary tonight, but Raleigh after that. Hopefully they’ll have a pool where I’m staying! I haven’t looked into the options yet, just got a room.

There’s something about staying in hotels that I’ve always loved. I still have no clue what it is really, but it’s like getting to do whatever you want like your own apartment or whatever with the benefits of not having to clean up anything…and just take advantage of everything that…that’s the fun part.

Well, I better get on the road! Maybe I’ll blog again when I get to the room.

Well, it’s been a typical Friday

Except for the fact that I got my stitches removed today! All ~40 of them. 😛 They just put tape on the scar for now, as extra support to make sure it doesn’t open up (boy that’d be bad).

In other news, Google changed their favicon today (or was it yesterday evening?). Well, I personally don’t care much for the new favicon. It’s a lowercase “g” instead of being uppercase.

Old Favicon:

New Favicon: