Catching up with friends

So I stayed up much longer than I should have tonight, but I did get to catch up with a long time friend (geeky online friend) in the Opera IRC snapshots chat channel.

It was a fun chat and I didn’t realize that he had moved out of the country, but hey…we all have to leave at one point or another…but some of us never come back. 😛

In geek world you might under stand this, but chances are…you’re not going to understand this cause you’re either looking for instructions and a how-to for some Linux thing or a web design tip or just a good friend who is faithful and reads my blog daily ( 😛 Hannah, thanks). The funny thing is that this whole conversation and catching up started from this:

(03:01:06 AM) kyleabaker: quak
(03:04:17 AM) fearphage: imposter

Anyways, I came to find out that phred had moved to London! Wow, and to think that we were planning a party meet up in Georgia some time over the summer that never materialised.

Anyhoo, short story and I’m tired so I’ll write a techy article sometime after I wake up…actually, make that sometime after my test. Wish me luck!