Linkin Park

I just realized last weekend how little I’ve listened to Linkin Park since High School when I was prepping myself for a soccer game to the Hybrid Theory album.

I remember thinking how cool that entire album was and it’s no surprise that after I play through it again now, I still enjoy it!

What is a surprise, however, is the major difference between Linkin Park then and Linkin Park now.

Right off the bat I must tell you that I “hate” their newest album. I don’t know much about it, but the style is so different.

Well, a different style isn’t what makes them bad. It’s that they have lost everything that made them unique before.

Blink-182 changed styles several times and each of which I was overall impressed with.

Sorry to all of you Nickelback fans, but Linkin Park is starting to reach the same “low” in my opinion.

What are your general opinions on Linkin Park’s new material and the direction they are moving towards?