Almost got robbed!

So I have some funny news this time. A few weeks ago, I had a doctors appointment to get my leg x-ray and since I was seeing a foot doctor this time instead of my bone surgeon I had to fill out all new paper work. Well while I was filling out some papers I had to take my insurance card out of my wallet and so I sat my wallet on my lap. Then a few moments later the nurse came out of the back and called me on back. So I go on back to the patient room and wait for the doctor. A moment later they take my to get my leg x-rayed and when I got back to my patient room I realized that I didn’t have my wallet. I was pretty sure that it didn’t fall out of my pocket and that I didn’t drop it on the way to get x-rayed. So I knew it must be in the lobby/waiting room. My mother who was waiting there with me at the time went to check to see if anyone had found a wallet while I was waiting for the busy doctor to make his rounds. She came back and had found nothing. So I decided to go check the lobby my self. When I got to the lobby I found a family of three sitting where I had sat with my mother and so I asked them if they had found a wallet. They made rude faces and expressions at me and told me a woman just came looking for it and that they hadn’t seen it.

I told them, “Well it’s my wallet that I lost and we’re just trying to find it.” So they made a half-ass effort to look around their seats for the wallet. I looked around and under the chairs they were in. I told them that if they ended up finding anything just to hand it to the desk and I’d check back later. Going back to the patient room I knew that they had my wallet and were not saying anything. I just got a bad vibe from them. Especially the woman who glared at me. I told my mom I was sure they had it. Then I told the front desk that I lost my wallet and to notify me if anyone turned one in. That’s about the time that this old man in the lobby started acting crazy and started trying to get back to the patients room, which is locked so others cannot get in. He started demanding that they let him in the back rooms. They ended up calling the police on him, but when the police got there they took him to a back room and found out that he knew what had happened to my wallet. As the older man sat in a back room telling the police what had happened, I was in my little room talking to my doctor…not knowing if they had even found my wallet yet. As I was about to finish up talking to the foot doctor one of my nurses walked in and waited…so I knew she had good news. She took me back to the room where the older man was waiting with three police officers and they questioned me a bit about my wallet. What does it look like, what color is it, what do you have in it, how much money, how many cards, other valuables, etc. They took notes on what I said and then they all went out to the waiting room and confronted the three people sitting where I had sat in the lobby before. Evidently, according to one of the officers, when they asked the woman if she had my wallet she said “No” and made a fraction of an attempt to open her purse up and show what was inside. The older man who know what happened said that he did not see my wallet at first, but he noticed it on the floor when he saw the woman look around and then “inauspiciously” look around as she “slid the wallet up the side of her leg and eased it into a magazine for a few minutes.” She apparently wanted everyone to forget she picked up a wallet off the floor, so she decides to put it in a magazine and act like she’s reading it for 2-3 minutes.

The the man said he saw her drop it down into her purse..out of the magazine. So when the cops searched they found it in a small side pocket on the inside of her purse. She told the officers that she thought it was her husbands wallet, because she said that her purse falls over and drops stuff so often that she didn’t even think about it and simply picked it up. Now I’m a reasonable person. I’d give her a shadow of a doubt…had she not lied to my face. mother went and checked with hem first to see if they had found a wallet since I lost mine, then I went out and searched and asked them if they had found one and they just glared at me and said no. This woman deserves every bit of prosecution that I laid on her. I haven’t heard yet of the court date for her to get “Judged”, but I’ll be sure to be there even if I’m not required, just so I can stair her in the face and have a big smile on my face when she is paying the court appearance fee as well as a huge theft fee and gets a criminal record stamped on her life forever. I must say that I was very pleased with the justice that was served on that day. Makes me proud to be a tax paying citizen!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the story. I’ll have more frequent postings in the near future.