Last exam of the semester

So I got up earlier than I expected to this morning, which leaves me with plenty of extra time to prepare for my last exam (that isn’t until 6pm).

Hopefully I can start finding some time to get some Christmas shopping out of the way, or at least make a shopping list to make things go fast! It seems like I’m late to get any shopping accomplished every single year, but then again…I’m broke every single year as well. 😛

Back to the books after a quick break catching up on the news and social sites..

NC State ACM/AITP Website Update

I just finished (or reached the publishing or pushing live step) the update to the NC State ACM/AITP website.

The improvements over the previous design are pretty drastic when it comes to user interface and ease of use.

I ended up going with a K2 theme for Drupal since I’m such a big fan, but it just didn’t seem right for the site at first. I ended up going through and modifying a great deal of a barely and poorly done version that I came across online so I had to finish up most of it myself, but that just allowed for making it suit my (read ‘our’…for the club) needs.


After working with the html and tweaking it hardcore until I got it clean so it passes HTML Validation inspection it was time to tweak the CSS.

This became a breeze with Opera’s Dragonfly developer tools. I was able to select an element and tweak the style sheet live so I could see real-time results. After making an adjustment it’s as simple as updating the actual stylesheet.

After tweaking the style almost obsessively for hours the first day I decided it was time for a break. It wasn’t long before I got back into the groove the next day and finished it up (for the time being).

I really have to say that I am in love with Dragonfly now. I’ve used Firebug in the past and to be honest I’ve never been a Firefox fanboy…it’s a good browser, but it’s not pushing standards support at the rate that I want and Opera is just better at a lot of the things that I use and need from a browser… anyways, I got used to Firebug a while back and Dragonfly vs. Firebug isn’t a fair competition because the both are still very different, but I find Dragonfly being easier to use ever second compared to Firebug.

After getting the code working it was time to push the update. As a result, the NC State ACM/AITP club now has a much friendlier outlet on the web!

Now I have the pleasure of tackling any smaller issues such as stylesheet problems. 😀 Updating the content will now be much less of a pain now that it can be updated directly from the browser for most everything.

Beach break from school for the weekend

I just got back from a two day break to Myrtle Beach.

Although the weather wasn’t great for swimming outdoors, it was still great to be able to take a weekend away from school and relax.

Several hours in the sand, throwing frisbee and going out to eat a few times turned out to be a lot of fun!

Hope everyone was able to have a good weekend with out. 😉

Time to crunch on school work

It’s getting close to that time of year when every class begins to get a little crazy.

Before it gets too crazy, I’ve started getting a head on most of my material. I hate finding myself with too much work to get done and I need a free weekend to relax, so hopefully I can finish up everything for the rest of the week and start of the next one by the end of the night or tomorrow.

I just took a break and watched Die Hard (1988) and Die Hard 2 (1990). Both excellent movies and I even have the other two sequels in my Netflix queue. Hopefully I can relax and watch those this weekend.

Mid-Term is over…time for some peace

I just handed in my Mid-Term that I was slaving over for so long. I feel pretty good about it, having time to do pretty several extensive checks on most of the problems to make sure they were correct.

Now I’m looking forward to enjoying the rest of the day (beautiful weather here..81 degrees right now and sunny 😀 ).

I’d really like to just waste time on the computer as I usually do in my free time, but I think I need to catch up on some sleep. So until next time..have a great day! 😉

Fall break is over..back at school

I’m back at school after a 4 day weekend for Fall break. I really needed that break from school, but unfortunately one of my professors with no life decided it would be best to show everyone how much he hates his life by giving us a take home mid-term for the break.

People like that should be taxed more, haha. 😛

Anyways, I didn’t really get anything done on it at home other than giving it a quick look-over. I will most likely be very busy for the next few days. 🙁

In other news, Ubuntu 8.10 is being released in just 18 days on October 30th! I added a little banner on the side to hopefully catch the attention of a few people who might be interested.