Google Suggests: Now out of Beta

Google Suggests, which is an auto-complete feature for the popular Google search engine, has now graduated from Beat school and is now available directly on Google’s main page! The official announcement is in The Official Google Blog.

Previously the Suggests feature was only available by using a specific link to the beta version or by installing a 3rd party script or plug-in to alter Google’s main page.

If you used or tested Google Suggests while it was in the Beta stage (for around four years) then you probably realized that not much has change at all except possibly performance.

According to Katie Watson, a representative from Google’s Global Communications & Public Affairs, not everyone is able to directly use this feature just yet:

This feature is gradually rolling out over the course of this week. Some people might not be able to see it until as late as Friday, so it could take some time.

If you just can’t wait then you may have to use the old link instead until it becomes live and available to you.