Opera skin updates and Torrent stats

I’ve updated the Opera 9.5 Standard – Lite Compact skin as I mentioned that I would in my last post. You can find the changelog on the download page. Most of the changes were just to bring the skin up-to-date with the latest standard Opera skin and a couple tweaks to improve the appearance.

Also, I’ve been seeding the Opera torrent files for a few days now. I’m not using the them at all, because the torrent download page only offers Opera for Windows in English and International versions and then a Mac install. I’m not sure why the Linux/Unix installs are not seeded.

Anyhoo, I’ve been seeding these three torrents just to help make sure that people are getting good speeds and doing my part. 😉

Here is a screenshot of the stats so far:

That’s 908.5 MB’s that I’ve uploaded in nearly four days. I think I’ll leave it running for as long as possible and see if I can hit a Terabyte (TB), haha. 😀

I might setup my own tracker and start seeding the Unix versions from here, so if you think that’s a good idea just let me know in the comments. If I can get a couple people thinking it’s a good idea to seed those then I’ll set it up. 😉