Blog tag: 5 things I’d like to see in Opera

Recently, I read a post at where Daniel has started a new game similar to tag..with Opera. So the game is that you make a list of your top most 5 wishes for the Opera browser. The features or suggestions are to improve Opera in your own opinion. After listing your 5 wishes you should leave at least 5 other friends names that are linked to their blog page. Once linked, they are entered into the game and have to make their own list and tag new friends. So I guess I’ll just jump right in…

  1. [done] -> [link] Developer Tools. I wish for developer tools as my top wish simply because Opera lacks in this area. Other browsers such as Firefox and Safari already have great developer tools. Most people that I know turn to Firebug in Firefox to debug their web sites. Opera really needs to step up and release something amazing asap!
  2. [done] -> [link] Auto-Update. My second wish is for an auto-update system similar to the one that is already present in Firefox. Most people won’t understand that currently the only way to update Opera is to go to the download page and download the entire program over again. This could be handled so much better with an auto-update feature that downloads only small patch files instead of downloading the entire ~6mb file each time. This feature would also include auto-updating of plug-ins to make the stress on the user as little as possible.
  3. [done] -> [link-1 link-2] Extended Widget Capabilities. This wish may not seem like a popular wish, however, many people are begging for extensions and other exact copies from Firefox. I believe in the widgets. The only thing that I feel desperately needs to be improved to them is to allow them to interact with the browser it self and even interact with the OS on a low and safe level. If widgets could interact with the browser itself a lot more then we would have infinite possibilities for new widgets. Widgets really could start to have some of the same capabilities that make extensions such a popular choice today.
  4. [done] -> [link] In-line Spell Check. I know that many people have been begging for this feature for ages. It goes with out saying that this feature would become a success from the start. Also, this is just a suggestion, but a wiki could be started to allow members to contribute dictionaries for various languages etc. so they could be included with the installer program and just compressed.
  5. [done] -> [link] Improved Interface. This last wish is more of an improvement wish rather than a feature request. It took me a while to decide on this wish, but I’d really like to see the interface improved on tons. I know that lots of work is going into the mail client at the moment with Kestrel in mind. The freezing bugs are rumored to be squashed and the interface of the mail client is supposed to be slightly redesigned to make managing your mail much easier. I’d really like to see the rest of Opera improved upon though, including the notes, contacts, info panel (which has been improved already internally), transfers (including Bit Torrent downloads), widgets (some kind of bring all to front or something), windows panel (thumbnail view instead of just list view), a thumbnail view of history pages, thumbnail view for bookmarks, upgraded chat client, possibly even jabber support, better support for reporting fraudulent sites (the login causes many people to avoid reporting), and keep the incredible speed you’re so famous for!
    The five friends that I tag are: haavard, zomg, Remco Lanting, FataL and Nicomen.

Tag, you’re it.

Last updated 2008-12-07