Batman – The Dark Knight

The Dark Night

So I just watched this excellent movie and I’ll have to say that it impressed me even more than I expected! I know there is also a lot of talk about the movie due to the unfortunate loss of Heath Ledger, but I must say that he was the most impressive actor/actress in the entire film.

It almost felt like the movie was aimed more towards him, even though it was…well…you know…a Batman movie. Batman Begins does a really good job of covering his own origins and what not, but The Dark Night doesn’t really focus much on him..except for maybe a couple things in his life. I won’t give out the details…so all I can say is that I wasn’t disappointed.

You won’t be either, so…Go see it and take your friends!

UPDATE (2008-07-23):
Here is a quick update from one of my blog readers.

Hey Kyle,

I read your review today of The Dark Knight. I don’t know if you heard about this, but did you see that PETA is now condemning the movie because batman hurts dogs in it? Pretty ridiculous.

Anyway I thought you would find this amusing.

Take care,

That is really ridiculous! I noticed that there were several dogs that would just be thrown around in the movie, but I can’t believe PETA is complaining about it really. The scenes with the dogs aren’t really cruel scenes at all. Just self defense really.

Anyway, thanks Cory for the email!