Under construction..stay tuned ;)

Well..the site is under-going some major cosmetic changes. You might notice that some (most at the current moment) links are not working, but this should be fixed in time as I complete the site. There will be more links added to the menu on the left as well and the site progresses.

uture plans for the site include ‘comments’ so that users can comment on these entries that I make. I think you all will enjoy it, haha. You can praise or criticize. A forum is in plan for general chat and tech support for various things. I’m also planning on having a vault of sweet screenshots so save up your good ones..upload them to imageshack.us or something similar and hold on to the link until the posting begins, haha. 😛

On top of all of these changes..the website will be 100% valid code..just as all of my websites are, haha. I believe in webstandards. (webstandards.org and w3c.org)