VHS-to-DVD Conversions

I kept claiming that I was going to get this done a long time ago.

I have a bunch of home videos that I want to convert to DVD so we can hold on to them longer. So far I have a few converted, but I must have gotten side tracked.

It’s time to pull out all of my video conversion hardware and start up the process again. Hopefully I get a little more done this time around than I did before.

Install Boxee in Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty x86_64

After coming across details regarding Boxee and the extended number of sources that it can pull videos from, I just had to give it a test drive.

First of all, Boxee is a media player that is being developed for multiple platform use. It’s not restricted to videos and is able to stream music from Pandora as well as Last.fm.

One of the first things that I noticed upon registering for Boxee (which is free) was that it is currently only available for Mac and Ubuntu. A Windows version is in development, however, it’s not currently possible to get an install of the alpha/beta Windows builds.

To further disappoint me just a bit, I found that the installers for Ubuntu were for 32-bit machines only. fortunately there is that geeky thing you can do called “force-architecture” or “force-all”. 😛


After using my online best friend (Google) I was able to come across several guides for installing Boxee on Ubuntu 9.04 64-bit. Some of them were correct and some of them weren’t. Some of them were scattered and unorganized and…well…none of them were pathetically easy to follow.

That’s why you’re here. 😉

If you want to install Boxee on Ubuntu 32-bit, just follow the installation instructions provided after registering. If you’re installing in Ubuntu 64-bit (Jaunty Jackalope I might add) then please continue.


  1. Install “getlibs-all” by downloading it from here and double clicking to install or by copy/pasting the following terminal commands. (More details about getlibs here).
    wget http://frozenfox.freehostia.com/cappy/getlibs-all.deb
    sudo dpkg -i getlibs-all.deb
  2. wget http://apt.boxee.tv/dists/jaunty/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz
  3. zcat Packages.gz | grep Filename
  4. Make sure that the bold part in the following command matches the file name from the above command (ignoring the jaunty and intrepid folder differences).
    wget http://apt.boxee.tv/dists/intrepid/test/binary-i386/boxee-
  5. sudo dpkg -i –force-all boxee-
    sudo dpkg -i –force-architecture boxee-
  6. The following command may take some time to complete, however, be patient and wait for getlibs to prompt you whether or not to install additional libraries to make Boxee work on your machine. Be sure to answer yes or y. 😉
    getlibs /opt/boxee/Boxee
  7. sudo apt-get install lib32nss-mdns

After being patient and completing these (honestly) few steps, you should be able to launch Boxee from the application menu and start enjoying some Internet videos!

For further reading or more detailed/technical instructions please see the source thread of this process.

Also, for the record, Netflix Watch Instantly does not work in Boxee for Ubuntu as far as I can tell (due to the lack of DRM support).

I hope I’ve been able to help in some way. Best of luck with Boxee!


This afternoon I decided to rest up from a very busy day and so I turned to Hulu.

After watching several new episodes of my favorite shows I decided to see what else was available on Hulu.

That’s when I came across Dilbert. You know, the little cartoon office guy from the funnies.

I’ve posted a couple that I found humorous. Hopefully you will as well.

Know of any other ones that I missed that are worth mentioning? Share them below!

The Waterboys – The Whole Of The Moon

This is one of my new favorite songs thanks to Absolute Radio even though it’s actually really old. You should give it a listen and see what you think! I actually really like it and think that a lot of people would love it if they gave it a shot! Go check it!

My One Year Anniversary With Netflix

As you can tell from the goofy title, I’ve been with Netflix for one year now!

I must say that I’ve loved the service! I use the Watch Instantly feature daily and get two in the postal mail every 3-4 days!

I recommend it to all of my friends if you don’t have it already. If you’re even the slightest bit tech savvy then you’ll also find that it’s easy to stream movies from Watch Instantly to your television!

My laptop has an S-Video out and my television at home has an S-Video in. If you’re not sure what S-Video is then here’s an image.

s-video-port s-video-cable

The image on the left is the port that you should look for on your television and computer, while the image on the right is the cable that connects the two. You can click on the images to view a larger version.

The only problem that some of you may run into after getting the two connected is figuring out how to switch the computer view to an output source. I won’t go into too much detail on that since there will be far too many computers and layouts for me to cover, but simply put there is typically a button on your keyboard up on the top row that will toggle output sources. You may need to use a key combination such as the function key and the output source key which for me is Fn+F4.

I hope that helps and for those of you who suddenly realized the potential of Netflix (and other video sources such as Hulu), I hope your on your way to streaming more. 😉

Ozzy Osbourne – Dreamer

This is one of my new favorite songs and I’ve never really listened to Ozzy before at all.

Your higher power may be God or Jesus Christ,

It doesn’t really matter much to me.

Without each others help there ain’t no help for us,

I’m living in a dream of fantasy.

Ozzy just reached a new level in my book. 😀

Funny YouTube Videos

Here are a few YouTube videos that I came across today that just really made me laugh. I’m sure you can think of some that are just as good. Feel free to post them in the comments!

Cuttin’ Heads

I’m about to fall asleep to one of the best movies of all time. If any of you have Netflix then you can watch it instantly here. The movie is Crossroads (1986).

It’s one of the best movies of all time in my opinion and Brandon and I used to watch it together and just jam out trying to be guitar gods, haha. Now I realize that we are (and were) far from what they are in this movie, but at the time I still had hope. Now I’ve lost all hope in being good on guitar, but it’s definitely a movie that encourages me to play all the time.

Hopefully one day I can at least play one show to impress someone, haha, but not for a while. Until then I count on my good friend Kyle Phelps to teach me some more about guitar and to help be grow. Maybe I’ll even post some videos eventually. 😛