Gaining in on Election day here in the U.S.A.

I hope everyone is going to get out to vote early tomorrow if you haven’t already via absentee ballot or early voting.

Also, I came across an interesting article entitled “Vote (Even If They Say You Can’t)” on It’s worth reading if you haven’t already voted just in case you run into the same situation! Know your rights!

Here’s a good chart to see what is allowed for absentee ballots and early voters for future reference.

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I got an email from my political science professor today and he wanted us to watch YouTube video that’s trying to get more young people to get out and vote. I thought it was pretty cool, so I’ll add to the viral message. 😀

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make it go viral!

pass it on!

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Opera Speed Dial idea

The other day this “duh” idea just popped into my head, so I thought I might draw it up and send it off to get some opinions and reviews.

Basically, I just realized that while adding a new entry to Speed Dial is relatively painless, it could be a whole lot more convinient and here’s how.

If for instance you find yourself checking a specific web site or web page frequently then you might be tempted to bookmark that page or save it to Speed Dial.

If you think about it, to bookmark a page you don’t even have to “leave” the page or switch to a different screen or window to do so.

You can go to the menu item “Bookmarks -> Bookmark Page” or you can just press Ctrl+D.

My idea makes adding or updating Speed Dials more intuitive in a way by adding a menu item to the right click menu of all pages.

I would add the entry “Add to Speed Dial”, which would then open a simple dialog prompting the user to select the Speed Dial entry that they would like to store the current page to.

This would be very handy in my opinion as not all users will realize that they don’t have to copy and paste the url if it is not already listed in their opened pages, frequently visited pages or an Opera page.

It’s also (in my opinion) visually reassuring of which page you are actually adding.

I posted an Opera forum topic about this as well and it has a poll so go vote!