Summertime weather

Although it’s not officially summertime yet, the weather here has been exhausting! It’s been easily reaching into the 80’s and mid-90’s here in Western North Carolina, but the temperature down at the state capital have been topping at or near 100 degrees on a fairly regular basis!

Today, in the mountains, we’ve had a bit of a break with the temperature reaching just over 80 degrees. It’s a good time to take a vacation and just get out on the beach and into some cool waves.

Catching those waves may be a while for me as I’m planning a trip to the beach in mid July, but wouldn’t it be nice right about now. 😀

I only hope that these temperatures are still here when I head to the beach! No one likes a beach trip with bad weather.

Well, not much else to blog about today other than the Worldwide Developers Conference 2008. That will find it’s way into another post soon.

In the meantime try to stay out of the heat. 😛