I’m A LinuxTracker.org Give Away Winner!

Lately, I’ve been taking advantage of my school Internet connection speed by using it to share free Linux disk images over BitTorrent over on LinuxTracker.org such as the latest release of Debian 5.0.

As of right now, I have stats on their site of 350.68 GB upload to 5.24 GB download. This gives me a ratio of 66.94 and I think my quick status from leeching to sharing an extreme amount might have helped land me a winning spot in their 4th Anniversary Party Give Away.

According to the message I received and the forum post, it seems that I’ve won a linuxjournal/sticker pack! I think that means that I get a free subscription to Linux Journal along with some sweet Linux stickers, but until I get something in my mail box I won’t have any idea.