The Waterboys – The Whole Of The Moon

This is one of my new favorite songs thanks to Absolute Radio even though it’s actually really old. You should give it a listen and see what you think! I actually really like it and think that a lot of people would love it if they gave it a shot! Go check it!

The Lonely Island – I’m On A Boat

Can’t remember how I came across this funny music video on YouTube by The Lonely Island, but it cracks me up every time I watch it.

Warning, some (read “a lot”) of the language is foul, so you probably shouldn’t crank this up in your work place. Other than that, just enjoy the comedy in the video. 😉

YouTube Ads

As you may have noticed already, YouTube has started rolling a few ads in some of the videos.

My first experience with these new ads came with a music video by Akon:

They aren’t really that obtrusive, but they are a little annoying after a little while. I mean, you’re there to watch the video right? Not to have it partially cut off by an advertisement that you couldn’t care less about. 😛

Unfortunately it seems as though the Internet is turning to ads more and more for videos and radio. Recently Pandora began streaming advertisements on their radio channels which were once pure music.

Obviously they must find a profitable strategy, but it’s sad to see that the Internet’s advertising is now worse than television advertising.

Personally, I’ve made an effort to keep all of my websites advertising free. I believe in clean and clear designs and that leaves no room for advertisements. They not only seem to hurt visitor counts and hits, but also destroy the overall appearance of your site.

Hopefully a cleaner alternative will find it’s way into our Internet in the near future. If not then we can always rely on our browser ad blockers. 😛

Funny YouTube Videos

Here are a few YouTube videos that I came across today that just really made me laugh. I’m sure you can think of some that are just as good. Feel free to post them in the comments!

Noah and the Whale – 5 Years Time (Update)

It’s funny. I feel like I’ve rubbed off unknowingly on one of my friends.

She’s posted about a Noah and the Whale song (click the artist title to see the video here) that I heard over the summer on what was once Virgin Radio, but is now called Absolute Radio.

I posted about this song a little while back, but if you have not heard it yet check it out here.

5 Years Time was one of my favorites over the summer and it’s taking some time to get over again, but it’s an excellent song! Check it out and comment on her blog!

Hulu is pretty sweet, so is ALF

For the past few days I’ve been hooked on watching TV shows on

It’s free and you can find a lot of shows on there with all episodes from all seasons.

I’ve been watching the show ALF lately just because I remembered it from when I was very little and wanted to catch up on what it was about.

There are minimal advertisements, so it easy to watch. Not nearly as bad as watching something on TV these days. 😛

Also, if you’re into watching shows on the Internet for free and legally then you’ll be happy to know that YouTube has now started broadcasting shows by CBS with minimal advertising as well.

I haven’t checked them out yet, but I probably will tomorrow.

5 Friends Uncensored

I got an email from my political science professor today and he wanted us to watch YouTube video that’s trying to get more young people to get out and vote. I thought it was pretty cool, so I’ll add to the viral message. 😀

Michael D. Cobb
show details 3:46 PM (2 hours ago)

make it go viral!

pass it on!

5 Friends Uncensored

Noah and the Whale – 5 Years Time

So, I came across this song on Virgin Radio (which is an Internet radio station) and now I absolutely love this song!

I thought I would share this song with everyone and just help spread “Noah and the Whale” as much as I can!

I heard the song, typed in some lyrics in Google and bam…I found the song that I was looking for. Now I give it to you in the form of a YouTube video.

Hannah’s Birthday Beat

Here’s a little treat for everyone and especially Hannah for her 21st birthday! It’s a little skit that her friends performed for her at her party. (Thanks Sara for the video! 😀 ) Here are the lyrics:

in west of Raleigh born and raised
outside in nature she spent most of her days
chillin’ out, learnin’ bout trees all cool
to NC State she goes to school
When a few of her friends who can rap so good
Brought this birthday beat to her neighborhood
She turns twenty one today, the bars should be scared
That their liquor and beer will dry out from here to there
We whistled for a bus and when it came near
We said get Hannah to the bar near here
If anything this Wolfline had no flair
But we said yo, forget it, she’s so drunk she don’t care
She, pulled, up to the bar about ten or eleven
And yelled to the bartender – a drink! I’ll be in heaven!
She looked at her kingdom she was FINALLY here
To sit at a bar and legally drink beer!

Movie Spoofs (a.k.a. Recuts)

If you like spoof trailers then here are a few. They’re all fun to watch. I came across them after my brother sent me an email with a link to the Fight Club recut. I’m just amazed at some of these. I mean the way that they take the story and completely change it with small scenes from here and there. I noticed that the music played an important role in the success of the spoof for several of the clips, but they all seemed to choose their music wisely! Just watch and enjoy..

These are all recuts of several of my favorite movies! These ought to keep you busy when you’re bored!

Post some of your favorite spoof or recut videos so I can enjoy a few more laughs! ..or any good comedy videos for that matter! 😀